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This band could go far, but they sing songs about frozen desserts,
so they won’t!




We have to announce that the Mayan prediction was wrong and that the World has survived. Not to worry, our End of the World gig was not wasted as we kind of decided after the apocalypse failed to appear that we liked this world anyway despite its faults. So we'll probably carry on doing more silly musical things next year. In the meantime enjoy these photos of our Tigers Live at the End of the World Denmark 2012 show.

Next time we play Denmark don't you think it would be a good idea to come along? Make that your New Year's resolution. Our New Year resolution is to release a live album. If we stick to ours, will you stick to yours?


We can confirm that our annual trip to Denmark will be on 21st December. Book your flights now to see Sack Trick live at Gimle, Roskilde.

Flights are cheap (try Easy Jet, Roskilde and Gimle is a short train ride from Copenhagen airport, trains run every hour), accommodation is cheaper (try  Rova  Hostel..., that's where we'll be staying) and there's a lovely Christmas market in town too...

As usual it will be the best Christmas party of the season and fancy dress is highly recommended.


Yay! We've got ourselves a nice new website to fill up with stuff... not all the bits are quite working yet but it was just time for a change of colour wasn't it?


NEWS JANUARY 31st 2012
Might be having some website problems for a bit... bear with us...

Yes, you guessed it, we're playing a gig at Gimle Roskilde. But not just any gig, this is our tenth anniversary show at Gimle. That's right for ten years we've been playing Gimle every year. Why? Is it the Pølser? Is it the fresh sea air? Or is it the Rock Centre of the Universe? Come and find out at-

Gimle, Roskilde Denmark -  3rd December 2011

For More details see Gimle, for flights see Easy Jet for somewhere to stay see Rova  Hostel

NEWS January 1st 2011
Those were a couple of fun metal gigs weren't they? Thanks to everyone who came along and made them all the more fun.

We even got a review of the Camden gig. And guess what? It's quite a good one... See Pure Rawk

Tragically, we got stranded in Denmark for three days because of the snow and "sort-of" Arctic conditions. Aeroplanes were literally frozen to the ground, seas had become shark infested ice rinks and we were cut off from human contact in a makeshift tent on the outskirts of Copenhagen where we'd had to eat our last pack-horse (except Roo, he had brought a veggie-pack-horse. I tried some, it was quite nice). To save ourselves from thirst we brewed a form of Guinness from the condensation icicles that formed inside the tent (see photo above).

Shortly after dawn on the third day, Grav spotted a husky on the horizon. After we'd tracked him down and eaten him, we found he had a phone number on his collar of a local emergency rescue service. So we rang them, and they picked us up.

Phew! That was close....

NEWS November 1st 2010

I know its been a while but we've booked a couple of METAL gigs you might like to come to. Yes, METAL is the byword this year.


Sunday Dec 12th Camden Underworld LONDON
Friday Dec 17th Gimle ROSKILDE

Both of these gigs are going to be quite fun...

The Camden Show is supporting Nightlord. For those of you who missed them the first time around, they were the most awesome thing about the UK Underground Thrash scene in the late 80s/early90s. Forget Xentrix, these guys were the real deal and they've reformed for this exclusive one off gig. We are honoured to be on the bill with them! So, I guess with that kind of bill we won't get away with a country banjo set. We'll have to do Metal Trick, drop the keys, twin axe attack, foot on the monitor, heads down... let's 'ave it!... well, maybe... Doors are at 6.30pm. Fracture Pattern and Crowning Glory are on first. Sack Trick will be on at 8.30pm and Nightlord at 9.30. Tickets are £9 from Ticket Web at this link- Ticketweb

The Danish Show, well you know the score by now. Every year we pop out to Gimle in Roskilde, eat some hot dogs, play a twin drummer gig on a big stage to a few hundred hardened Tuborg drinkers... then listen to Slayer in the disco till the small hours of the night. Could it get better? Probably not... Every year a couple of folk trickle into that gig from the UK or other Scandi countries. They have the best night out ever. Flights are cheap (try Easy Jet, Roskilde and Gimle is a short train ride from Copenhagen airport, trains run every hour), accommodation is cheaper (try  Rova  Hostel..., that's where we'll be staying) and there's a lovely Christmas market in town too...

What else has been going on? Oh yes, Robin Guy's joined Tigertailz! We knew it would happen one day... see Tigertailz.co.uk for tour dates but before that he's got a GMT tour with Bernie Torme starting next week, see GMTRocks.com .... Reuben Gotto and Ben Calvert have started recording for the new Twin Zero album.... the two Alex's, Dickson and Elena have been recording a secret project together in LA, but I've told you now so it's not a secret anymore... Dave Cheeseman's over in Vancouver setting up a Canadian franchise for Pillow Talk... Chris Dale, Doogie White and the Mighty Grav have got a new album out this week. It's called "War Machine" by TANK and its been getting rave reviews in the European Metal Press... it is very metal! See TankOfficial.com

I hope you're all looking forward to a very METAL Kissmas this year!

NEWS August 31st 2010

All still warming up for the annual trip to the Gimle Club in Roskilde, Denmark. Friday December 17th...

There were rumours of a LOndon show in October, this has been put back but will hopefully happen before the Gimle show... watch this space...

Hard Rock Hell seems to be the place to spot Sack Trick members at their leisure this year. The festival in Prestatyn, North Wales 3rd-5th December has not only Tigertailz featuring Robin Guy, but also Tank featuring Chris Dale and Doogie White. Tank's new album "War Machine" will be released around the same time as the festival.

NEWS April 28th 2010

The date for the gig at Gimle in Roskilde, Denmark has been changed to 17th December. More Details to follow....

Oh, also there's been a few updates on the Chris Paulo Dale website with a few new videos, photos and new information on Tank featuring Doogie White.

NEWS December 15th 2009

The gig at Gimle in Roskilde, Denmark went so well we thought we'd book another one. Next year's Gimle Sack Trick party will be on December 10th (NB CHANGED TO 17th) 2010. Don't say we didn't give you enough warning!

We've also added some photos of the evening on a New Photos Page.

There's a rumour (and a Facebook Group) suggesting we do some UK gigs next year. I tend to believe it might have a ring of truth to it... you never know we might even release an album or two...

Oh and I accidentally found a Benny Calvert Interview.

Hope you all have a very Merry Kissmass and we'll see you in the New Year.

NEWS November 12th 2009
STOP PRESS.... Penguins on the Moon 9 1/2 Year Anniversary reaction goes global!

It seems we always underestimate the reaction of people to Sack Trick. We didn't think anyone would notice that we'd re-issued Penguins on the Moon for its 9 1/2 Year Anniversary really. But it seems they have...

Firstly, the Classic Rock Magazine Website made Penguins on the Moon their Track of the Day and reviewed it without us even asking. They said we were like "Monty Python’s take on Kiss".  Thanks very much Classic Rock!

Secondly, the only library in Antarctica (on an American base) has chosen to stock a copy of Penguins on the Moon! Can you believe that? People in Antarctica are listening to "We're On Our Way Back To Live In The Snow". I can't believe it but its true...

Then the Montreal Antarctic Society (I didn't know there was such a thing) wanted a copy of the album and told us they'd reviewed it years ago as part of their Antarctica Experienced Through Music project. They said it was "an entertaining and well played musical trip, with illustrated cartoon lyrics, from a group of crazies". Who are they calling crazy?

Now tickets are selling fast for our only show this year. Again it seems we've underestimated you! There's people travelling from the UK, Finland and Sweden for the show.

Gimle Club, Roskilde on Friday December 11th
See www.gimle.dk for more information!

Why not come along too? Book yourself a cheap flight to Copenhagen, get a train from there. You can get really cheap rooms at the hostel (see www.rova.dk ) just around the corner from the venue. It's a great place to see a gig, lovely people, fancy dress, rock club till late (the DJs already promised he'll definitely play any requests from people who've travelled for the gig)... what more could you want for a pre-Christmas outing?

And finally thanks very much to everyone around the World who's already ordered their Re-issue Penguins on the Moon CD. See Mail Order Page to order a copy.

Oh, and one more piece of news Trivia, there's a new book out by sometime Sack Trick friend, promoter (and singer a couple of times, I think) Robert Fields. Robert's book Minstrels, Poets and Vagabonds is about the history of Glasgow's Rock scene and heavily features Sack Trick/GUN guitarist Alex Dickson and SackTrick/TANK singer Doogie White's early careers. For more information see the Minstrels Poets Vagabonds website.

NEWS October 12th 2009
The Penguins Are Back!
CD Re-issue for 9½th Anniversary

Yes, at long last we have new stocks of the Penguins on the Moon CD. Sorry it took so very long, some of you have been waiting very patiently. Then we realised it's nearly ten years since it was first released! How funny is that? But rather than keep you waiting another few months for a 10th Anniversary re-issue we thought we'd let you have it now.

For those of you who don't know, Penguins on the Moon was our second album, described at the time by Kerrang! magazine as "a work of utter genius, an instant classic" and by Rock Sound as "Brilliantly conceived, brilliantly written and brilliantly performed". See Mail Order Page to order a copy.

To celebrate the Penguins on the Moon 9½th Anniversary re-issue, we're going to play a gig in Denmark you'll be surprised to hear. We're playing at-

Gimle Club, Roskilde on Friday December 11th

See www.gimle.dk for more information!

NEWS December 9th 2008 - Full Steam Ahead for Denmark!

All ready to Rock in Denmark? Remember we're playing Roskilde this Friday....

Gimle Roskilde December 12th 2008.

For Details see www.gimle.dk We're onstage about 10pm... bar is open late! Don't miss Love=Beer on before us... they will rock!

For those of you back home in the UK, thinking "why's it always impossible to get to Sack Trick gigs", it's not too late to book cheap flights over there. It's a great night out in Denmark and a great gig to play (hence we keep going there- and hence we're using video footage of our last gig there on our new CD coming out early next year- more about that later). Roskilde's also a cute little town with a Christmas market, nice restaurants and a very friendly atmosphere. It could be the perfect Christmas holiday? If you're thinking of coming along, we can find you really cheap accommodation for the night (the same place we stay at). Email us through the "Contact" option to the left.

If we don’t see you there, please make sure to have a very Merry Christmas! See you in the New Year!

NEWS September 19th 2008

Great news we've got another exciting gig coming up! It's at :-

The PITZ Club, Woughton Centre, Milton Keynes
Friday October 3rd

Milton Keynes is kind of an ideal place to play cos it's in the middle of everywhere, not to far from London, Birmingham or Nottingham. Quick trip on the train or the M1 and you're there. The Pitz is a nice big venue with good facilities, so we'll bring a nice big band along to fill the stage. We'll be doing the two drummer game and having a couple of people you might not have seen play with Sack Trick for a while... always nice to see old faces!

Doors are at 7pm, Rise to Remain (a startlingly good band that'll take the UK by storm next year) are on at 7.30pm, Pig Iron (who always take us by storm) are on at 8.15pm and Sack Trick will be on about 9.30pm. Tickets are £7.50 with all proceeds from the show going to very good causes, namely - The Alzhiemer's Society and Cancer Research UK. For more info see - The Pitz Club MySpace or call the Pitz on 01908 660392. More Info on this Gig is also it's own MySpace site at Charity Gig 

Oh, and we're also playing in Gimle at Roskilde, Denmark on December 12th... but that's another story we'll keep for later.

NEWS March 20th 2008

The good news is that the recent Sack Trick gigs at Roskilde and the Cockpit Theatre were both recorded and filmed and that the bits salvaged from them lay the final pieces into the Jigsaw (Age 3 and Over) that is the long awaited Sack Trick live album. We're now in final mixing stages. Who knows you might even get to hear it this year?

While you and I wait with baited breath to hear it all, various members of Sack Trick have been keeping themselves busy. Roo's currently touring Canada with Johnny Truant (new album soon to be released). Jay's been recording with Ravens Creed (featuring various members of Orange Goblin, Iron Monkey and Sabbat) with a UK tour coming up in May. Robin's been repairing his garden shed and recording a new GMT album (featuring Bernie Tormé and John McCoy) which will be out later this year. Benny's been playing with Calvin Harris. Roly's been performing live with Bittersweet. Doogie's left Yngwie J Malmsteen's Rising Force to concentrate on his new project Empire (also featuring Neil Murray) and Chris has been recording the second I Play Rock album and has also been featured ina new German Rock Comic "Metall Macht Musik" by Tim Eckhorst.

NEWS January 12th 2008

HAPPY NEW EARS and here's a NEW GIG!

Now that our New Years hangovers have receded (and we hope yours have too) we thought we'd play another gig. Fancy coming along? It's on Friday 25th of January at the Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street (Off Church Street), London, NW8 8EH (see cockpittheatre.org.uk and multimap for location). Tickets will be £5 available on the door. The doors will open at 7pm, our mystery support act goes on at about 7.45pm, then we're playing quite early at about 8.45pm. The gig will be finishing at 10pm. This means that if anyone has to catch a last train home there's plenty of time. The reason I mention this is that the gig is within a quick walk of both Marylebone and Paddington train stations while Euston, St Pancras and King's Cross are just a short bus ride down the road, so a night out in London to see Sack Trick could be quite possible if you live in the West, Midlands or North of this fine Kingdom. Of course a 10pm finish also means you can pop into the West End for late night drinking.

The real purpose behind this gig is that in the controlled environment of a college theatre we can get some tracks recorded and filmed. We're hoping to use a few for future releases, so please wear your smartest clothes and be as noisy as you want (see the example set by the Danish crowd above). Good quality heckling will be required too!

We just added some photos of our December 07 Mini European Tour- see photos page. And looking at them all it really does seem like we've managed to play our instruments in more and more silly ways over the years. This lot are even sillier than before.

In other news, we had a bit of trouble last year with the Chat Forum, you'll be pleased to know it's all up and running again, so drop by to say hello and feel free to ask any questions about Switzerland that have ever made you curious. Roo will be happy to answer them all for you.

Sack Trick live in Denmark December 07

NEWS November 28th 2007

We're now playing at....

Friday Dec 14th Gimle Roskilde, Denmark
details at www.gimle.dk
How to get there- Get a cheap flight from EasyJet into Copenhagen, Roskilde is a short train ride from there.

Sunday Dec 16th The Peel, Kingston upon Thames
details at www.peelmuzik.com
How to get there- Either a mainline trian from London-Waterloo or tube to Richmond and bus number 65 from there.

So no excuses, come and join the fun....

NEWS Oct 1st 2007

We're sorry to say we've had to cancel the Camden gig on December 10th, but don't worry we're trying to find another London area gig for our Kissmas mini-tour! Watch this space for details.

On these upcoming gigs we thought we might play a couple of new tunes and maybe some old ones we've not done in a while- click on the contacts page on the menu on the left and email us if there's an old Sack Trick song you'd like to hear at these gigs.

NEWS August 21st 2007

Yes, we're still alive! And I'm very happy to say our Christmas holidays are confirmed! We've got gigs coming up (the usual two)-

 CANCELLED! Dec 10th Underworld, Camden CANCELLED!
But Still Rocking at....
Dec 14th Gimle Roskilde

More details will follow....

Kiss are great!

NEWS May 19th 2007

We've sold out of stock of Penguins on the Moon CDs! Yes, it's amazing but they're still selling well, that's the second pressing gone. We're waiting to get some new stock in. Meanwhile Mystery Rabbits and Sheep In Kiss Make-up CDs are still in stock and the new album is making it's way along the long path to completion too. All the sizes of T-shirts are back in stock as well. We had sold out of Skinny "Not All Sheep Are Cuddly" shirts, but they're back on the menu again. See Mail Order Page for updates.

NEWS May 4th 2007

A couple of weeks a go, me (Chris Paulo Dale) and Robin Guy and Jef Streatfield recorded a few short edits of a couple of sack trick tunes for use on Total Rock's TV show called "Licensed to Rock". We're playing the theme music and a few other bits here and there. It's being broadcast from tommorrow (Friday May 4th) at 7pm on SKY channel 368. I think it's getting repeated a lot and will be on regularly for the next few months at least...

We also did a secret gig we weren't allowed to tell anyone about last month in Lampeter in Wales. Sorry we didn't tell you at the time but it was top secret. We promise not to keep any more secret gigs from you.....

NEWS January 10th 2007

We've got a new gig coming up! It's a special birthday party for a very special guy. It's Clive Burr from Iron Maiden's 50th Birthday Party and you're all invited. It's at Walthamstow Royal Standard (right opposite Blackhorse Road Tube Station) on Friday February 9th, tickets cost £10 and are available from www.seetickets.com , all profits go to the Clive-Aid charity (see www.MySpace.com/CliveAid). Also playing on the bill that night are GMT featuring our very own Robin Guy, John McCoy and guitar hero Bernie Tormé, Elixir (one of Clive's old bands) and Headrush (who've been described as a good version of Skid Row). Doors open at 8-ish with Sack Trick onstage at 11.15 and drinking and live music going on until gone midnight! It should be a great party. See you there.

In other not-so-exciting news that lazy good-for-nothing bassist, Chris Paulo Dale has finally updated his diary page at www.chrispaulodale.co.uk and after several months absence has returned to his usual 3-6pm slot on Thursdays at Total Rock Radio


We lost the whole thing! Yup, due to the wonders of modern technology we've lost the whole Sack Trick mailing list was lost earlier this year. That was an awful lot of you that we've now lost contact with forever. So if you were, or would like to be, or know anyone who was on the Sack Trick mailing list please email us again by clicking


NEWS December 11th 2006


We're very sorry to say our gig at Nottingham Rock City this coming weekend has been cancelled. We're gutted because it would have been a really good one (as were the ones in Denmark and London the last couple of weeks), and also because it's the furthest North we were going this year. It was cancelled by the venue for reasons best known to themselves.

 We'll try to make it up to everyone in the new year with the release of our fourth album and a slightly more comprehensive tour to follow. It only remains to say thank you very much to everyone who came to the London and Danish shows for making them so much fun (there'll be new photo galleries of them here soon)

....and to wish you all the best for the coming new year.


NEWS November 6th 2006

While we're still contemplating the navel of our new album (yes, we do honestly have a new album on the way), we thought we'd play a couple of gigs. Why not pop along? The gigs are at-

Camden Underworld Monday November 20th
Tickets on the door £5, Sack Trick onstage 9.30pm

Roskilde Gimle Club, Denmark Friday December 8th
Tickets available on the door, Sack Trick onstage when the beer's running low...

Notingham Rock City Friday December 15th
Tickets on the Door (includes entry to Rock Club), Sack Trick onstage 10pm

NEWS September 28th 2006
...Quick Bittersweet Competition...

To celebrate the fact that Paul Stanley has used the name of Rockin' Roly's band "Bittersweet" in the lyrics to one of the songs on his forthcoming solo album, we at Sack Trick are giving away a couple of copies of the Bittersweet album "Lying, Drinking, Losing" to the first two people who can correctly place the following Belgian Beers in order from Bitter to Sweet....

Hoegaarden Blanche, Timmermans Peche, Leffe Triple

Send your answers HERE. The judge (that's me!) will have a go at drinking all three in a row to define the correct answers. The judges decision is final, but probably flawed. If you're not quick enough and don't happen to win you'll simply have to go to the Bittersweet Website to buy the "Lying, Drinking, Losing" album.... or go to Bittersweet's My Space Page to make friends with Roly and hear his new tunes...

PS Don't forget our two upcoming Sack Trick gigs.... Monday November 20th at Camden Underworld, London and Friday December 8th at Gimle, Roskilde, Denmark

More details on those gigs below...


NEWS September 4th 2006

We're going to do a couple of gigs around Kissmas time. Not loads just a couple. We'll probably do more when the next album comes out (see below). The gigs we've confirmed so far are-

Monday November 20th
Camden Underworld, London

Friday December 8th
Gimle, Roskilde, Denmark

We'll let you know more about doors and stage times, support bands and ticket prices closer to the time. But before you say "I can't get to either of those gigs", just bear in mind a flight to Denmark from the UK with Easy Jet or Ryan Air can be extremely cheap if booked in advance (I've just had a look at Easyjet.com where they've got London-Copenhagen return for just over £35). Why go to Denmark? Well, there's a good reason we keep going there... it's top fun!

Oh, and we forgot to tell you but we just played Sark Carnival! It's the biggest festival on the whole of Sark! It's the only festival on the whole of Sark!
For those of you who failed your Geography GCSE, Sark is a tiny Channel Island off Guernsey between France and England. It's an amazing place with a population of under 600 people, no cars, no streetlights and until we played there no bands from the mainland. It was all great fun. We'll upload a photo gallery here soon... and just so you wouldn't feel like you were missing something we filmed it all for the forthcoming Sack Trick DVD. Next Year we hope to do a full Channel Islands tour!

Thank you to everyone who's made friends with us at our MySpace page... it's really growing isn't it?
It's nice to know we've got all these friends.
Please come along and be our MySpace friend too at www.myspace.com/sacktrick !

So how's this new album coming along? Well, we're just coming up to the two biggest hurdles... Roly's Bagpipe solo and Robin's vocals... wish us luck!

NEWS July 12th 2006
...World Cup's Over!.....

Glad that World Cup's over, we all turned into football hooligans for a minute there! One of the good things about having so many people in your band is that you always win the World Cup. Well done Sponder, Italy triumphed just like we knew "we" would!

You might also notice lots of tiny changes to this website....
Don't worry it's a growing process.

NEWS June 2005

Sack Trick have gone World Cup Crazy (crazy, crazy, crazy nights) !!!!!!

Even watching Kiss' home nation, America (population c.298 million) get thrashed 3-0 by the Czech Republic (population c.10 million) couldn't put us off.

 So what exactly have Sack Trick members been doing to celebrate the Football World Cup?

Chris Paulo Dale along with fellow football pundits, Jussy (Scotland fan) and Nando (fairly unbiased Brazilian) have been hosting a "World Cup" section on the Sack Trick chat forum. If you've got an opinion on the World Cup (or even if you haven't) click on the "Chat Forum" here at www.sacktrick.com and go to the "World Cup" section and let us know what you think (or don't think). Meanwhile our three pundits will be giving their expert opinions match by match!

Keyboardist, Dave Cheeseman (along with his Pillow Talk underling, Jimothy Jirgens) has written, recorded and released a World Cup song (somewhat optimistically entitled "Come on England"). But don't be too harsh on the Hull Tigers supporter, it's all for "Sport Aid" charity, hence they've even allowed Twin Zero drummer Si Hutchby to play on it. You can order your copy now through www.pillowtalkweb.co.uk or something.....

Swiss Roo Gotto and Benny the Calvert have celebrated the Football World Cup by playing live at the metal equivalent of the greatest sporting event of the year- Download Festival at Donnington. Roo played guitar for Johnny Truant and Benny played drums for Killing Joke all in the name of football (and/or metal). 

Sack Trick percussionist, bag pipe player and Bittersweet founder Rockin' Roly Bailey has been doing his bit for the World Cup by drinking an average of four pints of Guinness per match. For his part, Robin Guy has left the country, but will return after the Football finals...

We're too excited about this football thing (maybe they should do it every four years from now on?) to give you any proper news about Sack Trick right now.... so here's a very brief run down.... Sack Trick may well be playing some Channel Islands gigs this summer- with Jef Streatfield's Plan A ... I PLAY ROCK featuring Chris Paulo Dale have a live album and new T-shirts available at their website www.iplayrock.biz  ... Robin Guy makes a special appearance on the aforementioned I Play Rock live album by clearly shouting "Whooo!" from the audience during the bass solo..... Oh, and we forgot to mention that the new Twin Zero album (featuring the aforementioned Roo, Cheeseman and Hutchby) is released through Undergroove Records on June 26th (see www.twinzero.net for more info). We at Sack Trick HQ think it's absolutely immense, and guessing from the title "The Tomb to Every Hope" it's probably dedicated to the England football team... we'll be back with some non-football related proper news soon....

NEWS March 30th 2006
...Twin Zero Tour....You Tube madness.....

Great news for all Roo and Cheeseman stalkers! They're just about to start a UK tour with their band Twin Zero.
The full dates are-

APRIL 2006
April 4th SOUTHAMPTON Joiners
April 5th YEOVIL Ski Lodge
April 8th NOTTINGHAM Junktion7
April 9th BOURNEMOUTH Opera House
April 11th EDINBURGH Cabaret Voltaire
April 12th ABERDEEN Tunnels
April 13th GLASGOW Nice 'n' Sleazy's
April 15th BRIGHTON Engine Rooms

See Twin Zero for more info on the tour (including free giveaways) and their new album "The Tomb to Every Hope"

I'm guessing everyone's already familiar with You Tube? It's a website where you can view loads of cool metal videos. It's also got other videos there too, but they're rubbish. There's now loads of Sack Trick and related videos up there. Have a play around in the search bar....

Sack Trick also have a planned tour of Sark (yes, it's another tiny channel island) coming up in August...
More details to follow....

NEWS February 26th 2006
...PHASE 7...

The new Sack Trick recordings have entered Phase 7. Phase 7 is a very tricky time for any album. It's when you take a quick half time break from the main album and consider the bonus track (or tracks). Previously Sack Trick as had something of a reputation for its bonus tracks and we'd like to improve on this for the next release. Ideas are in motion, squares are turning...

In the meantime people are discussing what their favourite Sack Trick songs from past albums are at the Chat Forum under "Something about Sack Trick". What's your favourite Sack Trick song?

Roo and Cheeseman are recording the new Twin Zero album currently, see
www.twinzero.net for studio diary and video clips of the process ...GMT featuring Robin Guy, John McCoy and Bernie Tormé have a new website at www.gmtrocks.com to preview their upcoming album on ...John McCoy is also one of the new interviewees at the Planet Bass website which has temporarily relocated to www.planetbass.fsnet.co.uk ...Killing Joke have an exclusive new song featuring Ben Calvert on their website at www.killingjoke.com ... and Chris Paulo Dale is taking a short break from his Total Rock DJing but will be back for a new season of metal in the spring...

If you still have some video footage in any format of Sack Trick or various Sack Trick members that you think should be included on the upcoming Sack Trick DVD, please send it to us as soon as possible to Sack Trick, PO Box 16432, London W6 0ZQ, UK

NEWS January 1st 2006

Denmark was an amazing Sack Trick Live Kissmas adventure...there's a photo gallery up here now....thanks also to Jussy and Mel for swimming all the way over from Scotland for the gig...

The Kiss Expo was brilliant fun too...special thanks to Mark for getting up and singing Shout it Out Loud with us...it takes guts to join the Trick onstage!

There's a DVD of the Kiss expo available now at www.kissexpo.co.uk it's got a few Sack Trick live tunes, some of Adam Bomb's set with Robin and Chris playing drums and bass, a question and answerr session with Eric Singer and a set from Dressed to Kill including some rare Kiss classics and a jam with Eric Singer.

There's a new Competiton to win exclusive Merchandise from the recent Tribuzy gigs featuring Chris Paulo Dale...the competition is here...
...thanks for asking, yes the Tribuzy gigs went really well...it was actually a very heavy metal experience to play Iron Maiden songs with Bruce Dickinson and Andreas Kisser from Sepultura...and loads of other very heavy metal people....

New Sack Trick recordings enter phase five this month...