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This band could go far, but they sing songs about frozen desserts,
so they won’t!



This is what the press had to say about us-

"I'd give it 10 out of 10...more than superlatives can describe."
Kiss FAQ - (Sheep In Kiss Make-Up 10/10)

"Not only is it very well played but it's also very funny"
Kiss Kollector Magazine - (Sheep In Kiss Make-Up)

"Obviously this is a work of utter genius; an instant classic"
Kerrang! (Penguins on the Moon KKKK)

"Sack Trick are exactly the sort of crazy Brit eccentrics who will probably have a freak hit single."
Metal Hammer (Live at the Garage, London 8/10)

"Like the funk rock record Frank Zappa and Monty Python never made" 
Metal Hammer (Mystery Rabbits 8/10)

"Brilliantly written, brilliantly performed and brilliantly put together, an album that deserves the title essential"
Rock Sound (Penguins on the Moon 5/5)

"An off the wall, never repeated masterpiece. Don't miss!"
Metal Hammer (Penguins on the Moon 9/10)

"Easily the most entertaining new band to emerge this year"
Melody Maker (Live at Dingwalls, Camden)

"To and handful of Kiss cognoscienti this will be seen as the greatest covers album of all time"
Classic Rock (Sheep In Kiss Make-up 7/10)

"Kiss songs always sound better when played by other people"
Rock Sound (Sheep In Kiss Make-up 8/10)

"It’s hard to take myself seriously when I wake up one day and found we’ve recorded an album about Penguins."
Neo Vega (Interview with Chris Dale)

"Sack Trick make you smile alright and they do it by being seriously good"
Rock Sound (Live at the Borderline, London)

"Sack Trick are arguably the most lovable band of all time."
Wierd Cheese (Live at the Underworld, Camden)

"Let’s face it albums should be good, ideally. Especially Kiss tribute albums"
Blank Canvas (Interview with Chris Dale)

"A Kiss tribute with a difference..."
Powerplay Magazine (Sheep In Kiss Make-up 7/10)

"This band could go far, but they sing songs about frozen desserts, so they won’t."
Kingston Student Magazine (Live at the Peel)

"We're on a mission again here to make the Elder a bit more listenable"
Powerplay Magazine (Interview with Chris Dale )

"rather foolish senses of humour and a wide ranging Zappa-esque musical imagination"
Bizzarre Magazine (Mystery Rabbits)

"KISS it wasn't. Funny it was."
Amplify This (Live in Leicester)

"Even an audience at an old peoples home would stand up and dance to Sack Trick!"
Well Being Network (Live in Sweden)

"The most notable thing about seeing Sack Trick live is that they are so FUN."
Drowned in Sound (Live in Glasgow)

"Nesta entrevista exclusiva a Commando Rock, Chris fala do novo álbum"
Commando Rock (Interview with Chris Dale)

"Mit "I Play Bass" hat Mister Dale gar die weltweite Hymne aller Bassisten komponiert" 
Obliveon Deutschland (Mystery Rabbits & Sheep In Kiss Make-up)

"Un tributo cargado de originalidad, y sobre todo despojado de toda comparación con cualquier tributo similar antes editado"
Jedbangers Argentina (Sheep In Kiss Make-up)

"Unfortunately it's all marred by too much slap bass nonsense from the boy-Dale"
Kerrang! (Live at the Camden Barfly)