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This band could go far, but they sing songs about frozen desserts,
so they won’t!



Tigers Live at the End of the World
Denmark 2012
Photos by Frank Visler

On 21st December 2012, the date of the Apocalypse as predicted on by the Mayan Calendar (and also on the Mystery Rabbits album CD sleeve- did you never notice that? Have another look) Sack Trick played the last gig in the World in Roskilde, Denmark.

To highlight the dangers of Worldwide Tiger attacks we dressed as the dangerous beasts themselves. By doing so we also highlighted the Tiger as an endangered species. But then again, as the World was about to end we were all quite endangered.

Some Tigers, like Chris Dale put all their fingers in the wrong place when they play bass.

Some Tigers (Hull Tigers) like to show the audience how they play keyboards. This one is called Dave Cheeseman.

This Tiger has a Flying V. He is called Jef Streatfield.

Here's a Tiger called Simon Hutchby on lead vocals. He's probably the sexiest tiger I've ever seen. I don't usually like tigers sexually, by the way.

Notice the Dave Cheeseman Tiger has been promoted from keyboards to guitar and that the previously unnoticed Roly Bailey Tiger has been demoted from percussion to bass. He took it well.

These Tigers (L-R Cheeseman, Jef, Hutchby, Dale, with Roly behind) are drinking a toast to the end of the World (but hoping that endangered Tigers somehow survive). The Ben Calvert tiger had gone to the bar for a break at this point in the show.

While most of Sack Trick were focussed on the plight of tigers, Cheeseman was missing our other guitarist, Roo so much that he wrote his name on his shirt.

Shouty Tigers.

Silly Tigers

Lots of beautiful Danes

A Singing Tiger. He's called Chris Dale.

Here's Cheeseman again showing the audience how to play keyboards.

Notice the sexy Hutchby Tiger is playing drums in this photo. He did that a lot. The rest of us are having another toast.

Cheeseman is trying to decide which keys to play. It's a tricky choice as all the different keys make different notes come out so he has to be really sure he's hitting the right ones.

Rocking Tigers

More Tigers making noises

Tigers sometimes smile when they actually very angry.

Hull Tiger Cheeseman sings us a lovely song

The Jef and Chris Tigers Rocking

More Tigers. From Left to Right, Dave Cheeseman. Ben Calvert and Roly Bailey

Tiger Cheeseman starts going a bit crazy.

The Cheeseman tiger has really lost his mind here. That's not how to play keys, is it?

Tiger Cheeseman then takes it directly to the kids.

The Tiger we call Jef does a bit more rocking


Tiger Dale with horns.

Tigers rock like the World might end any minute.

The Tigers share the last drinks in the World

Sack Trick bid Denmark Goodbye

Sack Trick all bid each other goodbye with one last toast at the end of the world. That's the Ben Calvert Calvert Tiger on the right, he spent a lot of the gig playing drums.

Here's a view of Ben Calvert's Tiger arse.

Then the world didn't end. So we played another song.