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This band could go far, but they sing songs about frozen desserts,
so they won’t!


When did it start and why?

What actually happened is...

In the late 1990's a Rutan troop carrier ship was hit by Sontaran fire just outside the Earth's solar system. The Rutans were forced to abandon ship. From the Rutan's prior experience on Earth they realised that appearing in their own form was unacceptable on anywhere the Earth's solar system. To counter this they had evolved more elaborate shape shifting skills. The Rutan troops descended slowly in small batches into the Earth's atmosphere.

Initially three scouts were sent. They took the human forms of Chris Dale, Alex Dickson and Alex Elena. The forms were chosen as three vagrant musicians of no fixed abode, to whom no Earth dwellers were felt to be particularly attached and so changing shape would not produce difficulties in recognition with other local inhabitants.

To fit into human society and as a cover to invite further Rutan troops to Earth the three started a rock band called Sack Trick. They would invite the other Rutans from the troop ship and welcome them as new band members thus establishing their identities as existing humans. The Rutans did not fully understand the usual conventions to which Earth based rock bands usually adhere. They only made records and played concerts. They did not try to attract media attention or to be popular. This marked them as clearly different to most Earth bands.

The other most noticeable point about them from other Earth bands is that they continually gained more band members yet did not grow in size. That was their undoing. During the Fourteenth Doctor's regeneration he noticed the shape shifters had embodied London's society to the point that Rutans and humans were indistinguishable in the mid 21st Century. Weaknesses had sprung between Sack Trick and its needed human allies and the Doctor sought to exploit the Achilles Heel of the Rutans.

We can't tell you exactly what our heel is for obvious reasons.

But Doctor, if you are reading this, we await you.

We have a new plan for this little planet...